The Time is Now!


The Time is Now!

Startup Weekend Sarajevo kicks-off in a few minutes!

It all started off with a few people who got together at the end of July.We wanted to gather 100 participants from all across the BiH and to offer them a unique and challenging experience. We also wanted to kick-start the entrepreneurial spirit in Sarajevo with this event. But what we really wanted was to show everyone that being an entrepreneur is not a privilege or an exception because with all the talent and creativity that is out there or right here in this case, you can make that all happen. And we hope that by being a part of Startup Weekend Sarajevo, it will give our participants the first push towards that direction.

What Berlin is for the startup scene in Europe, Silicon Valley is for the USA. So how about we put Sarajevo on that map as the entrepreneurship hub not only for BiH but of the whole Balkans!

Don’t forget that registration is between 17:00-18:00!

See you all tonight!