Startup weekend Sarajevo is proud to announce that we are having USAID on board as one of our major partners.


USAID economic programmes seeks to improve economic opportunities and promote a business-friendly environment in BiH. Through a combination of short and long term programs, USAID has worked both independently and in collaboration with other organisations to help BiH achieve sustainable economic growth and employment expansion.

USAID’s efforts to improve economic opportunities usually target and the highest growth potential sectors such as tourism, agriculture, light industry and wood processing. Assistance comes in form of training, micro-credit, market linkages, workshop, internship and networking schemes.

Some of the programs specifically focus on ICT and  entrepreneurship, particularly among women and youth. These projects offes a chance for youth and women to take matters into their own hands.

One example of such a program is the Partnership for Innovation Project. The objective of the PI Project is to 1) improve the competitiveness of small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), enabling them to meet market demand and preserve and generate jobs, and 2) provide new opportunities for employment and self-employment for young people. PI will achieve these goals through the creation and support of Business Innovation Centers (BICs) that will be entrepreneurial,customer-oriented, and market-savvy service providers.  PI also supports other activities that foster ICT and entrepreneurship, such as Start-Up Weekends and Regional IT and Entrepreneurship Conferences.

USAID is supporting the Sarajevo Start-Up Weekend through the PI Project.