Google Bootcamp Sarajevo


Startup Weekend Sarajevo is happy to announce the first-ever Google Bootcamp in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Google Bootcamp will teach developers about HTML5 technologies so that they can be more productive during the Startup Weekend. The one-day event which will take place on 3.11.2012. will be held at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology in Ilidža.

Google Bootcamp Sarajevo is aimed at programmers with any level of JavaScript experience. If you are a designer who has cut a little jQuery code, you are also very welcome.

Kris Jenkins, an experienced and excellent developer will fly from London to Sarajevo to teach the workshop. He started programming at the age of seven, and has never stopped. In 2003 he co-founded, the online precious metals exchange, and was the CTO for its first 8 years. Having decided BullionVault is now far too large to be as fun a startup, he has left to seek new projects. He is an expert in Linux, Java & Objective-C, but is currently most enamoured by Clojure, which he says taught him more about JavaScript than JavaScript ever did. Currently flitting between AngularJS, D3 and Cocoa for UI code, he dreams of a day when Facebook can keep their APIs stable. He is currently co-founding the London Vim Meetup group.

The workshop will teach you the participants how to use AngularJS to build dynamic web interfaces. The morning session will focus on getting started with AngularJS, then break into teams for hacking and practice. In the afternoon the developers will look at weaving AngularJS with the other parts of the HTML5 world and learn some tricks for polishing their UI, followed by more hacking & practice. The day will close with group presentations. By the end of the day you’ll be able to build an AngularJS app from scratch, and be ready to keep exploring.

For 10 BAM you will be able to do take part in the workshop, learn some amazing new skills, enjoy a nice lunch and experience the first ever Google Bootcamp in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you want to register, please send us an email to