Startup Weekend Sarajevo visits Startup Weekend Banja Luka!

The adventures of the Startup Weekend Sarajevo team continues. Selma and Zsuzsi set off to Banja Luka to attend the Startup Weekend there. After a 5 hour bus ride, loads of pictures of the gold-green-red mountains, they arrived in time for the event.
Just like at any other Startup Weekend, it starts on Friday and lasts until Sunday. The participants all registered at 6 pm and then the introductory talks kicked-off. Anca Foster, who flew in from Kiev (via Vienna and Zagreb) to facilitate the event gave a short presentation about Startup Weekend and what the participants were to expect from the 3-day action filled weekend.
After a short but delicious pizza break, it was time to pitch. With only one minute to talk, you only have time to state the most important ideas about your product or service. This is a very challenging yet fun part of the evening! There were many different ideas ranging from 3D printing to Facebook game apps. Once the pitches were over, every person got three sticky notes. Sticky notes are crucial during Startup Weekend. One sticky note means one vote and it is up to the participant to decide how he wants to use it. The Banja Luka contestents cast their votes on their favourite ideas and the best ideas were selected. After this, the ‘owners’ of the best ideas had to convince people to join their team. If they fail to gather enough people, they cannot continue and have to join one of the other teams instead.
At 10 pm the final teams were formed. They have a lot of tasks ahead of them and they will start again at 9 am in the morning. But that is the life of an entrepreneur isn’t it? Hard work even during the weekends!